Continuous Integration using Team Build 2010 :: Part-I configuring the server.

The Team Build 2010 provides the excellent support for  continuous integration, I’m planning to write few posts on configuring the continuous using the Team Build 2010. In this post I’ll explain on preparing the server infrastructure for Team Build 2010. Team build compiles, tests, and deploy the software in an automated and distributed system. This [...]

Samsung Windows 8 tablets likely by 2012 Q2

Samsung announced the plans for Windows 8 tablet well before Microsoft, modified version of Series 7 will be available in market by  2012 Q2. I hope this helps Microsoft  to gain good market share as a tablet platform.  

Restart the remote PC using PowerShell

Using PowerShell command we can easily restart the remote PC without remote to it Restart-Computer –computer remote_server_1 -force Note :: This is really helpful when the not responsive when we RDP to it. Just typing Restart-Computer in PowerShell prompt would restart the current work station.

The Steve Jobs Way….

The first non-technical book which I read, this triggered something in me.  The book has changed my way of thinking… Thanks to the Steve. You changed the world and me.